Once Upon a Decade…

an Angel was born…                                 

How time flys – from the moment you entered my life, the world that I knew was rocked.  I had been blessed with the most beautiful rose, hands so small and eyes so big.  Never did I think I could love so much, never did I believe this tiny little person would change my ways, my heart and my path.  From first words to first grade, everything you have done and will do is extraordinarily out of this universe special. 

My life will forever be altered and I will be eternally grateful.  Although I knew from the beginning I would never be able to give you the world (as much as I want to) and I could never promise perfection, today I give you whats in my heart. 

As we celebrate your TENTH birthday, I make to you the same promises  that I made ten years ago…

I promise…

To always be there, no matter how trivial, nothing is too small;

To be your biggest cheerleader in all that you dream of, work toward and accomplish, and a shoulder for the times you may fall short only to tell you to shake it off and keep trying. 

To allow you space to make friends, lose friends and be a best friend;

To never lose faith in who you are or what you can do;

To listen, discuss, debate, agree and disagree (which I’m sure will happen A LOT) with you;

To be your mom (you may not like it sometimes, but one day you will understand – I promise);

To step back and watch you grow up;

To let go a little bit at a time  (with boundaries of course) no matter how difficult; and

To love you (THIS MUCH infinity) unconditionally forever and always…

I promise.

Happy 10th Birthday Sweet Pea, I love you!

Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom to Hate

Being someone with vast opinions and ideas that may not always be well taken, and a passion to write about it, I do not take my freedom of speech lightly.  I also usually do not write about issues of politics, because I do not feel I am educated enough about particular subjects to have an opinion.  I am a firm believer in thinking before speaking and knowing the facts before spouting off at the mouth.  HOWEVER, I am so outraged by headlines of the last couple days that I can no longer bottle it up. 

As you all know, the news has reported a story regarding a certain Reverend in Florida planning to lead in a book burning, and not just any book, the religious book of Islam, the Quran.  I will not validate his actions by using his name or the name of his church.  I refuse to post pictures even in protest because now, even after death threats and requests from our government to not proceed with this convaluted plan, the more media attention he receives, the louder and more steadfast he becomes.  The words to describe exactly how I feel about this incredible lack of judgment escape me, due to my complete disbelief that this type of ignorance still exists.  In an interview at one point, the leader of the above-mentioned center stated that they were praying on their decision to go forward with this act of hatred, and also said:  “Our burning of the Quran is to call attention to the fact that something is wrong,” and his reaction to the comments/requests of the top US Commander in Afghanistan was,  “We feel it’s definitely an indirect attack on our freedom of speech, putting unnecessary pressure upon us”…Really? Are you flippin’ serious? As if what we’ve tried to build toward, live with and get over wasn’t hard enough, on the anniversary of a day that can never be erased from my memory (and I was thousands of miles away) you have to do this?  Unreal.

So, in order to get my thoughts off my chest I thought I’d write a letter to the person who calls himself a Reverend.

Dear Sir-

You wanna pray for something, pray for this…

Pray for the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who now have an added sense of worry for their loved ones overseas;  

Pray for the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who have to live through that awful day, not just on its anniversary, but everyday, after losing someone they love; 

Pray for the steps we have been attempting to make toward understanding, tolerance and peace;

Pray for the men and women who stand guard everyday and every night, away from their home and their families, protecting the freedoms apparently you feel have been attacked, and now for them to know their sacrifices have allowed you to spew such hatred;

Pray for your followers, because hatred is not religion, it is not christian nor is it right.  You want to call attention to the fact that something is wrong, well congrats, because you couldn’t be more wrong;


and finally,

Pray for yourself, you’re gonna need it. 


Proud mother, daughter, sister and advocate for understanding, peace and tolerance.